Dive into The Nautilus, a cutting-edge blockchain tailored for gaming. Built as a fork of Kaspa, it combines lightning-fast transactions with robust security. Experience gaming like never before — seamless, immersive, and instantaneous. Join us as we redefine gaming's future.

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Blockchain information

Our blockchain is designed to be ASIC-resistant, utilizing the Karlsen algorithm and employing a proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

Mining is facilitated using GPUs, ensuring a fair and accessible mining process for all participants while maintaining the security and decentralization of the network.

  • Karlsen Algorithm
  • Asics Resistant
  • 1 block per second
  • GPU Mining
  • Proof Of Work
  • Premine : 0.8%
Upcoming Features Showcase

Innovative Gaming Solutions


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Break barriers and play seamlessly across platforms with Nautilus. Enjoy gaming on PC, console, or mobile without limitations. Nautilus ensures smooth integration, allowing players to connect and compete effortlessly. Experience gaming unity with Nautilus.

Fastest transactions


Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Monitor your in-game transactions in real-time with Nautilus. Stay informed and in control with instant notifications and detailed histories. Experience seamless asset management with Nautilus.


Community Governance

Join Nautilus, a vibrant gaming community! Have a say in platform direction, vote on key decisions, and help grow the ecosystem. Every voice matters at Nautilus, fostering collaboration among players, developers, and enthusiasts to shape gaming's future.

Monetary Policy


Nautilus implements a halving mechanism for its block reward every year, starting with an initial block reward of 8 NTL.

This approach ensures a maximum supply of 525,960,000 NTL.

It's important to note that the creation rate of coins per second is set independently of the block rate. Therefore, should there be any future adjustments to the block rate, the block reward will be recalibrated to maintain a consistent rate of emission.

  • Total mined at 02/24/2025 : 252,460,800 NTL – (48% of the total supply)
  • Total mined at 02/24/2026 : 378,691,200 NTL – (72% of the total supply)
  • Total mined at 02/24/2027 : 441,806,400 NTL – (84% of the total supply)
  • Total mined at 02/24/2028 : 483,883,200 NTL – (92% of the total supply)

Also, the last block will be mined on 02/24/2054.

Discover Our Latest Innovations

Nautilus Key Features


Fastest transactions

Nautilus's blockDAG network produces multiple blocks per second to record transactions on the ledger. With transactions fully confirmed within 10 seconds, Nautilus is perfectly suited for daily transactions.


Instant confirmation

Nautilus was engineered to operate hundreds of times faster than Bitcoin. Each Nautilus transaction becomes visible to the network within one second, and on average, transactions are fully confirmed within 10 seconds.



Nautilus addresses the scalability challenge by generating and confirming multiple blocks per second, without compromising on security and decentralization, unlike certain Proof-of-Stake networks.


Efficient proof of work

Nautilus employs the optical-mining ready nHeavyHash algorithm for network consensus and security. This algorithm, in conjunction with its high-throughput DAG and no-wasted-blocks approach, significantly reduces energy consumption compared to other PoW networks.



Nautilus leverages an ultra-secure block network without compromising decentralization. This is achieved through a pure, stake-less proof-of-work system combined with the revolutionary GhostDAG Consensus mechanism.



Nautilus addresses the limitations of traditional blockchains by processing all blocks in parallel and interlinking all side-chains. This results in a DAG structure that significantly boosts the formation of blocks per second, forming a robust blockDAG network.

Future Plans



Nautilus Mainnet ✅


Block Explorer ✅

Web Wallet ✅

Build Community ✅

Secure OTC channel ✅

Listing XeggeX ✅


Smart Contract Integration:

Integration of smart contracts to begin the development of our gaming platform and to ensure security and transparency of in-game transactions ❌


Platform Development:

Launching a blockchain-integrated gaming platform, providing in-game asset ownership and cryptocurrency rewards features ❌


Community Governance:

Implementation of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structures powered by smart contracts, enabling community members to participate in platform governance and decision-making processes securely ❌